A little story of Northern Service Day

It was a rainy October day, when we happened to bump into each other with a fellow VTT colleague Katri Kallio and started to discuss about service thinking (this is quite remarkable as we work in different organisational units; clusters even). We had both heard about an initiative to establish a nationwide community for service researchers and practitioners called the Finnish Service Alliance (FSA). There seemed to be a very big buzz around the idea especially in the capital area and we wanted to bring some of that enthusiasm also for the northern part of Finland and especially Oulu. Hence, we started to build on top of our initial ideas and contacted people and organisations that might be interested to collaborate and make this event come through. We were overwhelmed by the positive attitude and willingness to contribute. And so the first official regional event of the Finnish Service Alliance, Northern Service Day, was born.


Organised in collaboration with VTT, University of Lapland, City of Oulu, Tekes, BusinessOulu, OP-Pohjola, University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Science and OULLabs, the event will shake up participants’ thoughts on business and highlight the massive opportunities that lie in service thinking. Instead of traditional seminar with numerous presentations, we wanted this event to be a little different. Hence, the day will start off with an interactive discussion panel with service experts from both practice and academia. After this joint session, we will break into smaller groups and dedicate most of the day in taking the first steps in finding solutions for the service business related challenges the participants face in their everyday lives. Finally, the day will end with an informal “Service Drinks” event, where hopefully many new as well as old collaboration partners can relax after the long day.

With over 150 people already registered for the event, the Northern Service Day in 24th of January will be packed. On behalf of the whole planning team, we wish all participants very welcome. Let’s make this together an excellent learning opportunity for us all!

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