The carrot vs. stick approach

Our team, as most humans, prefer the carrot approach. It does by no means mean that we have carrots in front of our nose all the time, no. Our team works with the power of “pulla”, i.e. sweet buns, pies and cakes.

One thing that we have noticed in common with all the members of our team is that we all have a sweet tooth. We have created a rule that whenever one is succeeded in some goal, e.g. publishing an article in a journal, that person has to bring a cream cake for the whole team to enjoy. But we also have a tendency to make the team happy with randomly treating us with some sweet bakery products. Usually those are store bought but we do have a couple of talented bakers within the team also. For example, this week one of us brought blueberry pie for our Monday morning team coffee and another team member brought sweet buns for Friday morning’s substance quarter meeting.


Our “pulla” approach however might change within the forthcoming years, when we realise that we all have expanded a lot not only mentally but also physically. One day we may even have to start actually enjoying carrots in our team meetings…

One thought on “The carrot vs. stick approach

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