TeamUpSpace – get yours today!

Do you like team work?

Do you enjoy being around people?

Would you like to get influenced by others?

Do you want to think differently?

Did you say yes? Then what you need is a TeamUpSpace! Yes, that’s right, a TeamUpSpace will make your creativity skyrocket and break innovative ideas free!

Sooo… what is this TeamUpSpace?

TeamUpSpace is a non-reservable space with bright colours, inspiring wall paper and funky furniture. You know, something you WON’T see in a normal meeting room. This is because it isn’t a normal meeting room. The idea is that anyone can come to the TeamUpSpace at any time and work there. The catch is that there are others working there as well, and they can see that you are doing something – and maybe even ask what it is you are doing.WP_000004

Iiik! But they will see my work, then what?!?

Yeeees, that’s the idea, to show others your work and your interests. Who knows, maybe they will have something to say about it, maybe even feedback to give, or maybe, just maybe, they’ll have an INFLUENCE on your work. Imagine that! It actually is good to showcase your work and to see what others are doing as well. There is a good change that you will learn from one another. And that is something that WON’T happen in you private office room, in that chamber of secrets you have. TeamUpSpace is also very handy for ad-hoc meetings, brainstorming, socializing and whatnot.

Hmm, so what ingredients does a TeamUpSpace have?

Anything that makes you feel comfortable and cozy, basically. We have used bright colours and out-of-the-context furniture. We also added some LCD-screens, network cables, power plugs here and there, and so on – to make working and sharing possible. Yes, we use laptops quite a lot around here, so that’s why we have the tech. Also we have added big desks, colorful papers and markers for drawing up things. And to spice things up a bit, we have a nice comfy couch and a couple of fatboys! (The bean bag chairs, not actually two fat boys standing around.)WP_000008

All right, I’m convinced – I want to try it!

That’s the spirit! All you need to do in order to build a TeamUpSpace is to find an empty room, or a room with no meaningful purpose, and convert that to a TeamUpSpace. It would be nice if the room had a center location so that it would be easy for people to accidentally drop it. Better yet – location and room structure should be so that people could see inside the room and peek what’s going on in there when they are walking by to their private offices.

…or if you are visiting VTT premises at Oulu, come and try our TUPS at the E-wing, 2nd floor, room number E226.


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