Lunch and other business

Inside our team we are trying our best to communicate a lot. Not only about the official stuff but also anything that comes to one’s mind. That is why we have various communication channels, more or less formal or informal.

As already discussed earlier, we arrange substance quarters every week. That is face-to-face communication and there the actual substance matters. A less formal face-to-face meeting is our Monday morning coffee break. We also have team’s newsletter as well as a common mailing list, which are mainly used for delivering information to others, rather one-sidedly, not so much for vivid discussion. And then we have team’s skype channel.

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words
but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”
– Quote by A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Lunch is something we talk a lot in the skype channel! Who ever is the first feeling hungry, asks others if anybody else would be going to eat quite soon. And if we have planned to have a team lunch outside, in the town (which we tend to do about once every month), we end up planning the place to go via skype messages.

Just for a reference, I counted our skype messages for this year. There were 1646 messages by the time I started writing this posting. That divided by 70, which is the amount of working days this year so far, adds up an average of 24 messages per day. Not bad! Of course there are days when everyone is curled up in their own research so that no communication is done, but then again there are days such as last Friday, when we ended up sending 286 lines of discussion via skype to each other. And this does not count the one-to-one or some-to-some skype conversations which sometimes happen overlapping the messaging between the whole team. But hey, at least we are getting to know each others more and more all the time!

I just hope there is some actual communication happening here also,
and not just an illusion of it!

2 thoughts on “Lunch and other business

  1. Kaarina was hoping some actual communication, so I try to start. I have been reading this blog and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for writing it! However, the threshold to comment is somewhat high in the beginning, because there are hardly any comments at the moment. Maybe you should start commenting the posts of the co-authors – could it help to break the ice for others as well?

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