The first comment!

We have now had our blog out there in the open for almost five months. Posting has become a steady part of our team activities. Something has been missing though that we couldn’t quite put our finger on in the beginning – interaction with our readers and more specifically comments! The statistics show that we do have readers, but who are they, we wonder. After five months of enthusiastic waiting for the first comment on our blog, one of our authors encouraged a colleague to break the ice and post one. Yippee!!

The first comment suggested that maybe the lack of comments was due to no other comments which can make it scary to be the first one – kind of a chicken and egg problem really – and that maybe we should start commenting on each other’s posts to get things started. Thank you Pirjo for giving us the inspiration, and congratulations for being the first commentator!

“I don’t believe in that ‘no comment’ business. I always have a comment.”
– Martha Beall Mitchell

After a quick conversation through our Skype channel we decided to start an experiment. We would comment on the posts of other authors ourselves and see whether that will increase the amount of comments also from the readers. Previously this hasn’t even crossed our minds. We have of course been talking about the posts during our team gatherings but have somehow felt that we have no right to comment as we are also the authors. We had thought that commenting ourselves might be kind of pathetic and give an impression of no one else reading the blog. No clue where we got that idea from!

As we are now stepping out of our bubble, let’s see what will happen. Will the number of comments rise or stay the same. We hope that you will get as enthusiastic about this experiment as we are and try out posting a comment. Even just to show that you are there!

Dear reader, welcome to take part in our experiment!

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