Integrating services, the Universe and everything, part 4

by Tiina Valjakka and Katri Valkokari

This is the last post on the SHINE project since we had the closing seminar last week (picture below). In the seminar, Juhani Vanhala of Empower closed his inspiring presentation with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” The quote aptly condenses one challenge of the networked value creation, where the attention is easily centred around benefit sharing even way before there is anything to share.

Value creation through the development of a customer’s competence

One means of redirecting the attention is to focus on customers. Customers – both direct and those of your customers – and end customers, constitute a vital part of the network. The development of the customer’s skills and competencies is value creation that benefits the entire network in the long term, and forms an excellent foundation for co-operation.

Like the wise men have said, value can only be proposed. Ultimately, each customer defines the value they experience, and participates in the value creation with their own resources and processes. The success of other actors depends on the customer’s ability to utilise the network for reaching its own business objectives. This is how the development of customer’s competences creates value for the entire network.

In a value network, customers also integrate products, services and knowledge. And for this reason, the tasks of an integrator can also be viewed from the customer’s perspective: based on their competences and knowledge they decide which tasks to take care of by themselves and which to leave for other integrators to work on. Customer selection is as important as the selection of the other network partners.

In the SHINE project we collected a set of network development tools for different service integrators in a workbook (only in Finnish).

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