Call for papers: eEcosystems special track on Digital Services

DIGILE Digital Services programme ( organizes a special track on Digital Services in annual Bled conference on eEcosystems in June 2014. In this special track, we welcome submissions specifically geared towards empirical studies and practice-oriented exploration of novel digital service concepts and opportunities through an analysis of how they are developed and adopted in specific contexts. The deadline for paper proposals is February 24th 2014.

Call for papers is available in:

and a direct link to the special track is:

The conference takes place in a beautiful city of Bled in Slovenia. See you there!

Service research – connecting research disciplines at VTT

At VTT, service research was first done in connection with traditional engineering disciplines, but recent years have seen service research targeting service businesses more broadly, along with public services. Today, the total volume of research projects focusing primarily on services has reached an annual level of several million euros. In parallel with this development, service research has become a theme that connects different research disciplines at VTT. Service research is now highly visible and important part of R&D projects tackling, for example, research problems of information and communication technology, the built environment, and security. Service research has proved to be successful in providing a common language for collaboration of researchers with different research backgrounds working on problems in different domains.

In our research organisation, service research has become a theme under which synthesis of traditionally separate research domains thrives. Service research brings researchers from many disciplines together to discuss innovation, design, development, and adoption of services in diverse domains, enabled by emerging technological breakthroughs. This is essential in a multidisciplinary research organisation which aims at achieving world-class scientific breakthrough through unique combinations of competences in different research disciplines.

We have a tradition of collecting VTT’s service research contributions periodically for illustrating the versatility of service research at VTT. The previous such collection was proceedings of “VTT Symposium on Service Innovation” published in 2011. This year, we can proudly present a new collection of our service research in a form of brand new VTT Research Highlights publication. The publication provides a snapshot of recent service research contributions done at VTT.

We believe that research can contribute strongly to enhancement of organisations’ capabilities of revising their service innovation and their production structures and offerings, to the design of services that are efficient in a modern world, and to creation of new technological resources that can be used to deliver better services for all. With this publication, we illustrate VTT’s efforts toward these goals. We hope you will enjoy reading it and will join us in making a future of better services!

Minna Isomursu, Research Professor
PhD Minna Isomursu is a research professor of social media and networked services at VTT. In her recent research projects, she has explored the opportunities of digital services in supporting wellbeing of older adults, and in creating omnichannel retail experiences. She recently collaborated on manuscript with Nokia entitled “Advise, Acknowledge, Grow and Engage – Design Principles for a Mobile Wellness Application to Support Physical Activity” (International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Studies). She currently lives in Oulu with her family and innumerous skeins of yarn waiting to be knit.